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About Us

Our Vision

To empower farmers, especially women smallholder farmers, to conduct fair and sustainable trade, to provide access to education – to make this cross-continental exchange of products and services based on shared values partnerships, reliable and durable.


Our Mission

We are focused on sustainable growth facilitating trade from Africa to Europe seamlessly; linking projects and businesses with funding; pair students and professionals with universities and institutions, through affirmation, business development, consultation, development, and environmental impact.
This is done by creating impact by building a trade bridge, developing competencies, and appreciating the quality of food.
We place the best people, the people’s best skills, and the best products forward, to showcase and facilitate their growth.


Our Business Model (Market Access)

We provide training tools to help you enter the EU market:-

(1) producing for international markets

[A] standards and requirements

[B] certification and packaging

(2) exporting and importing of products

[A] assistance with legal documents

[B] facilitating network partnerships (chain development) and projects



EAL will provide tools:-

(1) business scaling tools

(2) improve business trade

(3) create international possibilities

(4) bridge international trade barriers

(5) brand development

(6) chain development

(7) start to finish export template

(8) EAL networking possibilities

Our  Areas Of Impact

(1) Agriculture: We assist producers with better Access to the EU market/buyers by making products available and fit the market. Products are organic certified with permits to sell in the EU.
(2) Education and training: To improve quality, and that products meet EU standards and regulations, we train producers about all the parameters and requirements to access the EU market directly and with confidence.
(3) Manufacturing | processing: to further improve quality, especially with post-harvest machines.
(4) Logistics | clearance: We connect producers to buyers either on FOB, CIF, or Warehouse delivery terms and help to get the trade finance.


Growth In Steps

Euroafri Link hopes to further develop its trade lines in different agri-products with the help of the DealHub and make the trade operational. Also, we ensure business launching programs for sustainable growth and development of products and services from Africa. Key areas are logistics, product quality [agriculture/process sector], product quality management, matchmaking, supply and demand creation, chain management, human resource management, fraud prevention, digitalisation, and knowledge dissemination.
This is through
(1) training and quality assurance
(2) brokerage service and clearances
(3) product development and branding
(4) development of international, regional, and local services | products


Plans of EuroAfri Link Include:

(1) strategic warehousing and quality control
(2) double drop shipping system for Africa and Europe
(3) training program for governments, businesses, and the raw resource sector
(4) systematic courses and updates for future developments
(5) reduce shipping by starting hubbing and storage centers
(6) joint advertisement and promotional activities via EuroAfri Link
(7) promoting African entrepreneurs and businesses that might revolutionize products and services in Africa
(8) joint buying and selling programs for commodity regulation and quality standards


Our Expertise

EuroAfri Link (EAL) supports African exporters to Access European markets and European buyers with their African sourcing. We are focused on youths and women by closing the gender gap and creating a win-win collaboration in smart trade that is inclusive, sustainable, and fair.

Our focus is on small, medium and large agribusiness entrepreneurs; cooperatives and associations; NGOs; organisations; students and professionals. Our products may be organic or conventionally farmed, with sustainability at the forefront. We contribute to SDGs 5, 8, and 4.

We also match project partners to consultants, who can provide expert advice on writing successful project proposals for funding the expansion of agribusiness or for realising  development project.

We connect aspiring students and professionals to their dream universities and institutions and offer career counseling. We link as well as assist, smallholder cooperatives and associations, so that they may acquire the necessary agricultural and agribusiness know-how to enable them to produce goods that meet international standards and are competitive in the global market.

Operational in Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire and Kenya, we are a team of academic, professional, and multicultural development and trade experts with local field experience. We are professionals and graduates of reputable institutions, including Wageningen University and Van Hall Larenstein, amongst others. Our expertise is in the agricultural sector, capacity building, trade facilitation, negotiation and marketing, African market intelligence, communication, networking and buyer-seller matchmaking, project management coupled with EU food law in international settings, and access to the African Agriculture sector ecosystem. We have a strong, emphasis, and a deliberate focus, on mainstreaming African women in agribusiness, value added and other productive sectors. We are also well connected and understand perfectly how supply and demand work within our product supply chain. Our services are tailor-made, meeting the demands of foreign buyers and local producers, which are unique according to the product and the type of buyer.


How to access our services

Do you want to sell or buy products from Africa?

Do you need a proposal to access funding for your start-up or scale-up, project, or business?

Do you want to study abroad or undertake training to improve your skills?

Then, we are here for you. Contact us or call us for more information!