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Access African Products in EU Markets

Finding a trusted partner to do business with can be challenging. Matchmaking is our core service. We act as interface between suppliers and buyers, matching agricultural produce to markets abroad. EAL services are affordable, reliable and dependable.

Africa has many resources but often lacks the advanced technical know-how and ready-markets to increase production and profitability. Also, accessing information about markets and funding can be an issue. This is where we come in. We not only engage in connecting emerging European markets to African producers, but we also promote and ensure that our products are ethically, responsibly, and sustainably produced.

We connect European entrepreneurs with investment interests in Africa and African products to the global markets, to trade in a sustainable manner. We also make information available in a timely manner. Currently, we work with producers from Cameroon and Ghana who are involved in products such as organic cocoa, shea nuts and cashew nuts. Our business hallmark is respect for the People, Planet and Profit/income (PPP), which translates to a win-win scenario for both producers and buyers. We apply our negotiation and broker skills to put a smile on the faces of our partners. We are committed to the principle that we are not only concerned about people and production factors, but also about openness, transparency and organisational development, where mistakes become learning points for improvement.

EuroAfri Naturals

With our brand EuroAfri Naturals products, EAL develops the branding and marketing strategy for products to be sold in the EU market, and we focus on the end customer of the product from the beginning. EAL makes the end product attractive and ensures transparency about the originality and benefits of the product for European consumers with its SmartShortChain technology and facilitates trusted trade and communication between EU buyers/customers and the African producers.  We start with Nilotica Shea Butter and Ghana shea butter but having developed this supply chain, new products will be added.  See pictures


What we can do for you

 Negotiate fair deals for producers and buyers

 Promote innovation through facilitating knowledge exchange and transformation

 Promote the production of African goods in an ethical and sustainable manner to meet European standards


How to get involved

 Are you a Cooperative or Association from Africa looking for a trusted and permanent buyer?

 Are you a buyer looking for organic or conventionally produced agri-products from Africa?

Then please answer the questions below and include them in this form.


For organisations that want to buy agriculture products from Africa:

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 How can we assist you?

For organisations and companies that want to sell products from Africa:

 Company  name

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 Expected payment mode

 About the Product:

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