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Farm To Export Globally

African farmers have products that are sustainable and relevant to high-value global markets like the EU. However, farmers do not know how to access this market nor do they have the knowledge of how to go about it. The main issue is that the products are NOT fitting the required standards in the EU and the quality is an issue for most buyers.

Our goal is to make African agri products to be competitive and fit in global markets, the case of the EU in terms of standards, safety, and norms.
Assist African products to be of high quality and stand out from other products in the European markets. This is because the competition from other producers is fierce. Like the case of producers from Latin America.









To achieve our goal,
 Farmers need appropriate knowledge and skills development.
 Effective and efficient market linkages using EAL training program.
 Technologies transfer and research exchange to ensure quality.
 Access to finance.

What we can do for our farmers
1) Give training for farmers to understand the requirements, standards, and food safety when trading in the EU from Africa.
2) With the training program, farmers can better meet the EU standards with better selection/better storage/quality management and they can trade their goods with confidence and ease globally.
3) Make your good products even better and market ready and fit
3) Identifying potential value by adding post-harvest processing machines.
4) Creating trust between potential buyers and producers with long-lasting trade relationships.

We create trust by:
 Mobilisation and Registration of farmers that meet basic buyers’ standards for trading.

 Set standards that buyers and producers share and can identify with.

 Provide warehousing services.

 Create traceability/ track & trace.

Why you should work with us

We help bridge you to direct access to EU buyers and help you stand out from your competition.

We teach and guide you on the EU parameters of import/export & show you HOW to do it. (Standards, quality, trust)

We are a one stop shop – a bridge solution with a formula of all you need to enter the EU market.

Our services have been refined for over 5 years and with us, you will get all the up to date information on how to enter the EU market with ease.

Help you with direct access to EU-Ecosystem.

Help you understand quality, packaging and reduce complexity entering the EU market.

We use high class technology for value addition for your product.

Our services are reliable, quick & efficient.

Make sure to contact us today for your very own international trade journey!

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