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 Searching For New Agri-products From Africa?

Sourcing food products from Africa, by buyers, especially EU buyers can be challenging because of various reasons. For instance, the vast size of the African continent and its huge population. So, who to reach out to for business? Who can buyers trust for sourcing products and can deliver as promised? Again, there is the problem of quality, price, and proximity to the goods. As such the big question is; How to access the untapped potential of agri products from Africa that is of trusted quality and the price is right?







So, some of the questions that you might be having may include the following when sourcing from Africa:

Are products close by?
How to get the right quality?
How to ensure trust with the seller?
How to reduce complexity & complication at ports?
How to get a fair price?
How to save time?

Thus, your challenge is our challenge!

What we can do for you

Help you source products directly from Africa for you.

Help seller meet your requirements  in terms of standards, quality, fair price and proper documents for export, thereby reducing complexity at the port.

Help seller with better selection/better storage/quality management to ensure trust and quality product in your port of destination

Give training to sellers on how to enter the EU market with confidence using  our Competitive Guide To International Markets training program to ensure quality of goods.

We know how to work with African producers, sellers and farmers to meet your preference.

Help build a lasting relationship between buyers and sellers.

We bring Africa closer to you than you think by making the goods available to where you want it to be.

Give you direct access to the Africa Eco-system as such a clear trade line of products of your choice.

 Some good reasons why you should work with us

We help you gain direct access to African markets in food and save you time.

We help you create an efficient trade lines for your different products.

We help with negotiation and communication.

We help you to reduce complexity trading with African producers.

With technology, we help guarantee quality & trusted products.

Our services are reliable, quick & efficient.

As such, We are the bridge between EU-Africa in food

Feel free to contact us for your own personal experience with EuroAfri Link!