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EU Market Access for Agri-Producers

Have you ever considered what it means to be a producer or an African producer wanting to access the EU market?

Why are some producers similarly confident at what they do and some are invisible?

Come and join our Market Access event and Learn how to access the European Union market for your agri-products.

 Event Description

Are you a farmer, producer, suppliers, seller, or exporter in the agricultural sector looking to expand your market reach and tap into the European Union (EU)? The EU is one of the largest importers of agriproducts in the world, offering immense potential for growth and profitability. However, navigating the complex regulatory landscape and meeting the stringent requirements can be daunting.

Introducing our exclusive paid webinar on “EU Market Access for Agriproducts: Unlocking Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges.” This comprehensive webinar is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully enter and thrive in the EU market.

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday 15 December 2023

Time: 10:00 AM Amsterdam Time (CET)

Duration: 3 hours and 30

Presenter: Patience Chindong


1. Barriers to accessing the EU market and how to mitigate them.

  • Understanding EU Regulations
  • Overcoming Trade Barriers
  • Certifications, Standards and more!

2. How to look for buyers in the EU market?

3. What are the procedures of entering the EU market?

4. Q&A Session: Engage in an interactive Q&A session with our expert. Get your specific questions answered and receive personalised advice tailored to your unique circumstances.


Who Should Attend:

– Farmers and agricultural producers

– Agriproduct exporters and traders

– Agribusiness owners and managers

– Government officials involved in agricultural trade

– Industry professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of EU market access for agriproducts.


Why Attend:

By attending this webinar, you will:

– Gain a comprehensive understanding of the EU’s regulatory framework for agriproducts.

– Acquire practical strategies to overcome trade barriers and maximize market access.

– Learn about certifications and standards that can enhance your product’s marketability.

– Obtain valuable insights from successful case studies and industry experts.

– Receive personalized advice tailored to your specific needs through the interactive Q&A session.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to unlock the potential of the EU market for your agriproducts.

Register now for our paid webinar on “EU Market Access for Agriproducts: Unlocking Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges.”


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Registration Deadline is 10 December 2023 @ 12 noon 


Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our past and current attendees have to say:

  • “I never knew how to access the EU market before I meant EuroAfri Link. Now I feel confident and ready to go!” –
  • “The information provided was invaluable. I learned so much about the regulations and requirements for EU market access.” –

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