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Access Potential EU Funding Sources to Agribusinesses

Finding information on funding sources for innovative business start-ups or scale-ups is often an issue. Funding could be for business and project financing, capacity building, technology implementation or infrastructure. EAL connects projects to funding sources.

Agri projects have many innovative ideas to increase productivity, food safety and security but often lack information for funding opportunities. Other Agri-projects may like to scale up but have limited resources.

EAL focuses on matching you to the right source of funding, whether you are an agri-business start-up or scale-up. We facilitate access to financing and technical support. Our experts assist you with writing a successful proposal for funding. We also provide project management advice and the technical support required to realise your dream. Our funding options include AECF, FDOV, EU, FDW and develoPPP, amongst others.


What we can do for you


 Make timely information available regarding funding opportunities

 Walk you through the funding criteria

 Provide financial advice on how to manage resources in your project

 Support you to find guaranteed finances to improve your productivity, business or project success

 Facilitate projects and provide technical expert advice on successful project management

To keep abreast of current information, please check our website regularly to see the available funding options, conditions and requirements and to see if they match your project or business. Get the funding that you need and plan your project successfully.



How to get involved

Are you a business start-up or scale-up or an established NGO and do you need some financial assistance?

Are you a funding organisation looking for projects to fund?

Then please answer the questions below and include them in this form.

For projects looking for funding:

 Name of project or business

 What is your idea and what do you do?

 Are you a start-up or scale-up?

 Are you a registered company?

 What is the subsector(s) that you operate in?

 Country

 What finance needs does your company have in order to make your ambitions a reality?

 How can we assist you?

Please,  first send us a one-pager about your business idea.

Funding organisations:

 Name of funding

 Which sector does your funding seek to impact?

 Short description of major criteria for the funding

 From which country is the funding?

 How can we assist you?