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Global international export is a complex process that requires planning, strategy, insight, and consideration of various elements that can be bridged by the EuroAfri Link bridge solution of bringing consumers and suppliers together.

INTRODUCING EuroAfri Link Training program: EU TRADE TICKET (in English & Free of all charges)

Time: 10:00 – 11:30 AM Amsterdam (CET)
Where: Online platform
OrganiserEuroAfri Link

Please always check your time zone, to avoid missing the event.



This Virtual Event is for FREE.

By attending the EU Trade Ticket, you will:

1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the EU’s regulatory framework for agriproducts.

2. Discover The Elegant Export Elevator.

3. Acquire practical strategies to overcome trade barriers and maximize market access.

4. Learn about certifications and standards that can enhance your product’s marketability.

5. Obtain valuable insights from successful case studies and industry experts.

6. Dialed in for the EU market.

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EuroAfri Link: At the EU Trade Ticket, You will

(1) Learn to stand out from your competition in the European export market.

(2) Develop more sales and potential BUSINESS (GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT).

(3) Create internationally brand and product recognition.

(4) Learn trade that attracts buyers in this specific market.

(5) Learn sustainable trade to Europe through proper product placement.

(6) Learn EU food regulations, requirements, food safety, quality, logistics and environmental protection.

(7) Learn to avoid trust issues, mental blocks, international trade issues.

(8) Learn product branding and supply chain establishment on a global scale.

(9) Learn online business [e-commerce].

(10) Discover price fixing based on market estimation.


Who is the “EU Trade Ticket” event for?

(1) Farmers, agricultural producers and suppliers of products and services destined for Europe.

(2) International Agriproduct exporters and traders aiming for Europe.

(3) Agribusiness owners and managers.

(4) Individuals interested in requirements, key documents for export, quality assurance standards, consumer satisfaction tactics for the EU market.

(5) Individuals into sustainable actions, inclusive programs, fair-trade knowledge, skills in import and export.

(6) Industry professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of EU market access for agriproducts,

(7) Government, public and private entities interested in long term social impact via trade and programs, and  involved in agricultural trade

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Why is this training for FREE?

(1) For complete transparency, is necessary to develop a start point for governments, public and private entities to start into international commerce.

(2) Accessing the EU Market is a start to trade between Africa and Europe. If this program assists your business and further assistance is necessary, we would be very happy to help you further.


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About Your Presenter

Patience Chindong specialises in international Communication and project management which helped her become the Co-founder and CEO of EuroAfri Link.

EuroAfri Link supports European and African businesses in international commerce and trade of both products and services between the continents.

More information about EuroAfri link and Patience Chindong accolades, goals, information and mission can be found on the EuroAfri Link website.


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Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to unlock the potential of the EU market for your agriproducts.

So, I urge you to book your spot in the training program today. Farm for export and increase your profit margins.



Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our past and current attendees have to say:


Thank you very much for your course. I am now fully equipped with exporting knowledge and skills. The value of your content is more than what I paid for. It’s beyond my expectations! May you do the same to other people!!

By the way I am sending samples to Serbia this week



I am applying the knowledge and skills I obtained from the course”

Mr. Clement Kanyenda, Trade Eagles, Malawi

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What are the common questions participants may have concerning the follow up to training?

Can payment be done in installments?

Yes, it is possible to arrange a payment plan where payments are made in installments. This will allow for Flexibility and Convenience for you. Check the subscribe page to learn more.

Can You Pay Anytime?

No. The payment plan will be agreed upon by both parties (per month), and each side will uphold their commitments.

Is the training having recorded sessions and documents provided?

At the moment No. The training session provides an interactive environment where participants have the opportunity to ask questions. Additionally, the training incorporates various exercises that allow individuals to practice and develop content related to the product they intend to export to Europe. Later the recordings will be available.

What will I gain by attending this training?

Knowledge about the EU market and how to access it.

Be able to export to the EU directly.

Learn how to find buyers either by yourself, working together with EuroAfri Link or we do it for you, and more!

Can I attend with my colleagues from the same company?

Yes, you can. There is also a possibility of a discount with more people attending from a company.

When the recordings are available, for how long will I have access to it?

For always!

We truly hope to see you at the training…!