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INTRODUCING Direct ACCESS To The EU MARKET From Africa Event in English & Free

EuroAfri Link Monthly Training Program-Free of all chargers

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Topic: How to grow and develop your agriculture business & sell in International Markets, beyond Africa: The case of the EU-AU
Event Date: Two dates available
1) Thursday, 20 April 2023. Please kindly register for the event here.
2) Thursday, 18 May 2023. Please register for the event here.
Time: 10:00 – 11:30 AM (CET)
Where: Online platform
OrganiserEuroAfri Link


Do you want to export to the EU market stress – free?
1) Grow your business by entering high-value markets like the EU market?
2) Know how to brand your product for a perfect fit in the EU Market (standards, documentation, quality etc.)?
3) Position yourself as that go-to person for sourcing agri products from Africa?
4) Know how to present your product in a pitch in an authentic way?
5) And creating trust, honesty, and transparency while winning deals and more?

So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, this training program is comprehensive & will provide you with an intense learning opportunity, show you a method & give you practical insights on how to access new markets like the EU directly.
Then join us! For whatever you are looking for to enter new and high-value markets, this training program will help you gain practical experience on how to do that and more.

This is the obvious truth!

The bottom line is, no matter how sustainable you produced, the way to grow your horticulture business and sell with confidence and ease to new markets beyond your own borders is through market access and by having a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Market access can be local, regional, or global like the case of the EU market.

Accessing the EU Markets from Africa can either be online, face to face, or via distributors – Either way, to be effective it needs a Bridge.

A bridge that must demonstrate two important things;

First, it has a Formula that works.

Second, you are the go-to person for that particular product.

Now, preparing a solid bridge for export requires a step-by-step process that shows that the process works and that clients will get results.

And this is what I will show you in THIS presentation.

So where are you currently right now in your business? I mean with the results?

Maybe right now, you want to start exporting abroad like to the EU, but you do not know where to start. Like with regards to Standards, documentations food safety, buyer preference, whether the quality is right, or how to deal with the administrative bottleneck?

Possibly what you are doing is good, but getting buyers for your product(s) is difficult and you are asking whether buyers are even actually looking for your product.

Potentially you see other businesses thriving in the same international markets of import and export as you and you are wondering how they do it.

So where do you want to be rather?

Imagine your product is progressively in every grocery shop in Europe and beyond from Africa and it is making buyers and consumers very happy in Europe and begging for more.

Envisage you are sourcing products from Africa directly from the comfort of your home. The sourcing is quick, effective, and reliable and the quality is spot-on.

Picture a time when your solution helped to add value to farmers’ products and because of this, you are helping create a steady income and decent jobs.

So how do you grow and develop your horticulture business & sell in International Markets, beyond Africa: EU-AU

The best way to get involved in international trade with ease and with confidence is by having a competitive guide to the international markets training program

Our bridge solution!

The Competitive Guide to International Markets












Our competitive guide to international markets is so important because this training program is based on our experiences, knowledge & challenges. So it is unique. It will help to win you deals, give you global insights on trade & connect you to new businesses beyond Africa & Europe

Also, we have a diversified team with multiple experiences and knowledge to help you achieve your goal with this training program.

Here is the thing most information about accessing new markets is too general with no step-by-step approach on how to do it.

As such, if you are guided on how to apply a step-by-step approach in your case, it will really help to get your results and your business to stand out.

Hello everyone, My name is Patience Chindong.

Co-founder of EuroAfri Link (EAL).

Graduate from WUR with a specialty in Food Law in international settings.

Designer of EAL training program.

Board member of the Africa Alliance, Africa chapter, EU Tech Chamber


Accessing New Markets Training

For 5 years, EuroAfri Link has been assisting EU buyers in their African sourcing, African producers to access the EU markets, and agritech for value addition & transparency. To help clients make a profit while creating an impact.

At EuroAfri Link, we started small by helping to connect and distribute a small number of products.
Then, it got better and the amount increased and so did the different types of products.
And then to even larger quantities.

As such, it’s safe to say that in 5 years in this business as the CEO of EAL, my background, my presence in the EU Tech, and my study at WUR, I can say I know one or two things about connecting EU buyers to African producers, and tech companies.

In fact, I am contacted on a daily basis by companies in Africa and beyond to connect them to the EU market because of the strict EU Food Regulations. And to avoid rejection of goods at the borders.

It means you can access new markets without actually being there physically, but instead having someone to assist you and distribute your product(s) for you.


It also means that you can be confident about the products you export and you can implement this skill for life to other products even after your encounter with us.







What you will learn by signing up with us

A unique SIX Step by step guide.
Empower you to feel confident and ready to export or import-EUAU
Develop skills for life that can be implemented in other products.
Brand your products to be world-class, and a perfect fit for the EU market
Exposure to African businesses in Europe for a practical experience.
Mentorship and support.
Feedback from Experienced CEOs in the field of international trade
4 workshops Sessions – weekly bases (4) (online) / 1 year (Hybrid)
Visit food-related sectors in the Netherlands.
Opportunities to meet buyers and hear from them directly.
Feature on the EAL website and promotional activities.
Become a life member of the EuroAfri Link Network community.

So I urge you to book your spot in the training program today by picking one of the dates and help increase your profit margins.

We truly hope to see you at the training…!