Sourcing African AgriProducts

EAL Services acts as a bridge between African farmers and European buyers and vice versa, facilitating the entry of sustainable agricultural products into the EU and beyond. Through our EU Trade Ticket training program, we connect emerging  African producers with European buyers with the knowledge and skills including what exporters should focus on to navigate the EU market with ease, ensuring ethically, responsibly, and sustainably produced goods reach high-value markets efficiently and affordably.

EAL facilitates trade between European buyers and African producers and vice versa, focusing on sustainable agriculture. For your African sourcing, we work with producers from various African countries, offering products like fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds edible oils & cosmetics, and more. We prioritises on the principles of People, Planet, and Profit (PPP), aiming for a mutually beneficial relationship among producers, buyers, and the environment. We emphasize transparency, organisational development, and continuous improvement. Products are sold in bulk of 20ft or 40ft containers.

Focus Points:

EAL EU Trade Ticket training

EuroAfri Link’s training program offers a solution for African exporters to access international markets, specifically the EU market. This is achieved by teaching and learning the knowledge and skills needed to trade in the EU market, facilitating direct connections between EU buyers and African exporters during our Export Mission events, as well as promoting value-added goods with the help of agri-tech companies. The program serves as an outlet method to the rest of the world and provides a step-by-step guide for accessing new markets, including monthly teaching sessions free of charge.

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