About Us

We are your Gateway To Africa & Direct Access To European Markets. Let us show you the best Africa has to offer!

We connect African agri-producers, businesses, and students with European buyers, funders, and accredited universities. Trade facilitation is our passion and core business. But, we are more than that – we stand for fair chances for African and European businesses, and students.

Our Vision

Empower women smallholder farmers for fair and sustainable trade, providing access to education and fostering reliable cross-continental partnerships based on shared values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster sustainable growth by facilitating seamless trade between Africa and Europe, connecting projects and businesses with funding, and matching students and professionals with universities and institutions.

We aim to achieve this through our business development initiatives, our consultancy work, and what we do to promote solutions that have a positive environmental impact. Our actions are to enhance competencies through training and what we do to promote food quality appreciation. This helps to enhance entrepreneurial inspiration and economic growth through showcasing exceptional people, skills, and products.

We aim to contribute to job creation for farmers – especially women farmers – and thus to limit dependency on governments and development aid.

We also apply the 80-20% policy whereby for each sale, we contribute 20% back to the community for education and assistance of the elderly.

Areas of Impact

Growth in steps

Euroafri Link hopes to further develop its trade lines in different agri-products with the help of the DealHub and make the trade operational. Also, we ensure business launching programs for sustainable growth and development of products and services from Africa. Key areas are logistics, product quality [agriculture/process sector], product quality management, matchmaking, supply and demand creation, chain management, human resource management, fraud prevention, digitalization, and knowledge dissemination.
This is through

EuroAfri Link Tools

EAL will provide tools:-