AID Information Market 2018: Takeaways For All!


AID Information Market 2018: Takeaways For All!

“Information is power” but sharing the information makes it even more powerful since it can then become beneficial not only to an individual (organisation) but also to an entire community (chain of organisations). The AID information Market 2018 event has come and gone and EuroAfri Link proudly participated. It was full of experiences, learning and fun too!!

What the event was all about

The AID information market event is organised by Wageningen University and partners as part of the activities in welcoming new students to Wageningen University and the city. In this event students, parents and visitors from all over the world come together to know more about the city of Wageningen, some associations/organisations in and within Wageningen. It was all about the necessary information that needs to be known before the academic year starts. As such organisations came together at Arboretum, Wageningen, the Netherlands to give a pitch about their activities – and we were there!

Information sharing mind set

Information sharing is an important part of EuroAfri Link’s core values and work. Our goal is to bridge the information gap between students and professionals with world-class universities. Matchmaking is our passion and core business for a win – win solution. As such being at this event was perfect – and fun too!!


Beyond getting to know more about our services through one-on-one chats, participants at the event said getting to know the city of Wageningen and the organisations/association all in one place and the networking opportunities that it brings is priceless. We met the new student’s and they met us.
It was also nice to know that some Dutch students asked us how they can assist us, and how we can also assist them as students. To assist us is to help break the ice by interacting more with the new students. A smile or saying good morning is where to begin. We can also assist them by linking them with organizations that host student volunteers in Africa. Such volunteer placements create a space for safe cross-cultural sharing and learning. Consider going to Africa on your next break and let EuroAfri Link facilitate your safe placement.

Big thanks to the organisers of the AID Information Market 2018. For us at EuroAfri Link, it was a huge success and the turnout was massive!

Patience Chindong is an independent consultant and co-founder of EuroAfri Link – EAL, connecting products, businesses and students.