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Partner With Us

EuroAfri Link offers services to businesses, cooperatives and associations, among others. Your collaboration with us will help thousands of smallholder farmers out of poverty, by securing a stable and profitable market for their produce. It will also support the training of women in financial services and advance the financial inclusion of these women in the agricultural sector. In addition, youths will be provided with training in agribusiness and entrepreneurship.

Why partner with us

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to be financially independent as a result of having a steady income from products sold on the global market? This is what your collaboration with us will do for the smallholder farmers in Africa, and in particular women. For when you help a group of farmers to scale-up their production with either equipment, seeds or finance, it not only helps farmers to be self-reliant but also empowers them to start a new life. Partner with us will enable your organisation do two things, cooperate social responsibility for your customers and Africa farmers which is a win-win situation.

Areas of partnership

Capacity building especially in areas that needs training

Fund a project

Buy a product

To partner with us, please contact us or call @ +31 (0) 617130088.