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African Students Counselling for Further Studies

Finding accredited institutions abroad for further studies can be a daunting prospect for prospective African students. EAL fills in the gap by connecting and linking you to the accredited institutions of your choice.

We assist and counsel students and professionals to find the right knowledge institutions that can train or teach them so they can find their dream jobs. Specifically, we connect prospective African students seeking opportunities to study agricultural and food related science courses abroad, to accredited universities and institutions in Europe. We also provide information on access to scholarships matching one’s field of study abroad.


What we can do for you

  • Find the best studies in an accredited world class University
  • Explore greater opportunities for a brighter future career
  • Connect you to reputable international organisations while studying
  • Get educational internships abroad as part of your study
  • Develop international connections and contacts through friends at school
  • Connect professionals with training institutions that will enable them to use the latest tools to enhance their professional career

How to get involved

Are you a student or professional looking for long or short courses in Europe?

Are you a university or training organisation looking for students and professionals?

Then answer the following questions below and include the answers in this form.

For students

  • Name of prospective candidate
  • Country of Origin
  • Current educational level
  • Course pursued
  • Qualification received
  • Work organisation
  • Type of work
  • Current position
  • Intended course to pursue
  • Course duration
  • Support from home country

For professionals

  • Name of organisation
  • What type of courses do you what to attend?
  • Which skills will you want to gain at the end of attending the course?
  • What is your profile?.
  • How can we assist you?

For organisations and universities looking for students and professionals

  • Name of organisation
  • What are the subsectors that you operate in?
  • What is your objective and what do you do?
  • What is your country
  • How can we assist you?